Refinish French provincial Furniture

Feb 27th

Coming across a beautiful piece of French provincial furniture in a garage sale or auction and take it home is exciting. Refinishing a piece and take it back to its former glory is satisfactory and sometimes good way to make some extra money. If you bought the piece for sale or found in the attic of her grandmother, taking the time to repaint correctly will add years to the life of the furniture.

black color French provincial furniture

Use the paint remover to remove any paint or old finish. Many pieces of French provincial furniture have been painted, in particular the most economical lines that were not made of solid wood.  Use the sandpaper by hand in the legs and arms of French provincial furniture. Have curves and intricate details that require sanding. These characteristics are difficult to do and what sets this style apart from the things you can buy at a big box store. Sand in the direction of the grain using firm, even stroke until you have removed all traces of old paint or finish and smooth. Use a tack cloth to remove any dust from French provincial furniture, paying particular attention to the details and sizes of the arms and legs of the chair.

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French provincial Furniture Design

The French provincial furniture style is often more rustic in appearance. For example, large tables, cabinets, closets, and buffets are popular for the French country style. In most cases, these elements are made of local woods such as pine, walnut or oak. Embroidered seats and other fabric items are common in the French provincial decor. The patterns are different from most striking embroidery is in French castles, using images of the countryside, such as farm animals and hunting scenes.

In addition, French provincial furniture decor can be painted with several different colors of laminated together. The effect gives furniture a deep and multidimensional aspect. In many cases, the furniture is also anxious to increase their robust look. Typically, hinges, knobs and handles are made of wood or rustic metal such as copper or wrought iron.

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Often, the French provincial furniture wooden shelves include an entire room. The shelves can be stacked to include a wide range of accessories, such as vases, pitchers, tea sets, oil lamps, and books. Aside from finding a home on the shelves, these elements may also be located on the end tables, placed on the tops of buffet, or located in an open closet. In many kitchens, pots and pans hanging from hooks in the ceiling, giving easy access chef.

How to French Provincial Furniture

French provincial furniture can turn any home into a castle. Works well in a formal dining room. It is likely that the furniture you have dreamed if you’ve been shopping on a budget. You may have been craving French provincial furniture for years, but was always afraid that their children would demolish it. If it is time to make the investment here is how to get the French provincial furniture, even if you are still on a budget.

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Go to the intricate lines. Find carved chairs. Draped fabric chairs are a brand of French provincial furniture, so look for these. Choose a finish. French provincial furniture is generally completed in one of two ways. The first is a cherry or mahogany stain. It is elegant furniture that can be passed from generation to generation.

The second goal is ivory paint. Have plenty of masking fluid there that you may be able to use. These can be expensive, but it will be well worth the effort when a clean paint line is obtained. Add in more furniture. Of course you do not want your room to feel crowded. However, you may even find a French provincial furniture piano.