Ideas of Distressed Wood Furniture

Feb 2nd

The distressed wood furniture stain can change the hue keeping the grain shirt. At distressed wood furniture dyeing the pigment settles to the bottom of the pore , changing its color, while maintaining the natural beauty of its grain. To stain the furniture and distressed wood furniture got a double effect: on one hand, a decorative effect that allows us to highlight the grain and the other a protective effect that prevents the degradation caused by external factors such as humidity, temperature and light Solar.

Painted Distressed Wood Furniture Stain

A simple classification of distressed wood furniture stains allows us to differentiate into two groups, depending on their chemical composition: synthetic dyes and organic dyes . The synthetic dyes based on petroleum, have lower power of penetration into the distressed wood furniture because their base is very volatile solvent. They dry very fast so then you can apply almost no waiting a layer of varnish to seal the surface.

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Meanwhile, organic dyes, also called dye to the water , have a more pervasive since evaporation is slower. Further enhance the grain of the distressed wood furniture and do not emit odor during application, although they need enough time to dry before applying the varnish.

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How to Paint Distressed Wood Furniture

Then we will see the most important steps on how to paint distressed wood furniture. Learn to give them a change to the old furniture from home! It is increasingly common that instead of buying new furniture, are given a new use to those who already have, painting them and decorating them. Thus, it can give you a completely different style to a room, or you can renew the overall look of the home.

Therefore, below we show the most important to continue to paint distressed wood furniture steps. The first thing you should do is to sand the entire surface. This step is very important because in this way we can eliminate the remains of varnish or paint that may have the cabinet. So everything, always a better finish will be achieved if the surface a little sandpaper.

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After cleaning the surface thoroughly dust with a damp cloth, leave to dry well. It is now the turn of the primer or sealer. How to paint distressed wood furniture this case, a sealing layer will suffice. Furthermore, it is not necessary that the primer remains evenly across the surface. Keep in mind that their function will improve the grip of the later painting.

Distressed Wood Furniture

The distressed wood furniture by aging. Some woods weather was better than the others. The particular call for distressed wood comes from filmmakers, skilled craftsmen repair an antique or store owners looking to grow old furniture to make it look larger. Buyer beware, owners of the stores that use wood antique distressed to manufacture counterfeit and still demand the price of an authentic antique.

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One of the safest wood aging methods is subjecting the water. Herein lies the reason many “old” dealers buy used distressed wood furniture left outside his tent in the rain. The purpose is to give the appearance of aged wood so that their particular clientele, buy the piece once it is renovated. One of the problems with the aging of the wood by this method is that the entire piece should be disassembled and reassembled to have planned longevity outsourcer at home.

Another safe method of distressed wood furniture is the burial. Wood which is buried is subjected to the decomposition in the soil is inherent. The wood is removed and then buried unmounted. After about three months recovering from the ground and clean. After cleaning, it is reassembled, dyed and sold. Only those skilled in identifying authentic antiques find it easy to recognize such parts.