How to Make Foldable Lounge Chair

May 11th

These cushions can match any decor and are removable for easier foldable lounge chair when not in use.  Measure the length and width of the seat folding chair. Cut a piece of decorative fabric match the seat width is 2 inches and most twice the length plus 3 inches.  Fold the fabric in half with his face toward the interior, so it is slightly larger than the size of the seat. Sew along the left and right edges to join the fabric together. Cut four pieces of 12 inch decorative lace supplementing the cushion fabric.

Folding Lounge Chair with Arms

Sew the ends of two wires to each corner adjacent the open side, extends from the pad. Turn the pillow right side out so resembles a bag with four strings extending from the open end. Cut a piece of upholstery foam 1 inch to match the size of your chair. Slide the foam in the foldable lounge chair fabric. Close the open fabric over foam, sewing pins holding the edge.

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The edges of the fabric must be tucked into the cushion. Sew the seam final closing with a slip-stitch. Place the seat cushion on the chair with folded edge to the front. Tie the laces on the sides of the foldable lounge chair to secure the pad in place.

Foldable Lounge Chairs without Sew Back

No cases seams for backups of foldable lounge chairs are easy to make. This project requires easy measuring, cutting and ironing, and will not take more than 15 minutes to complete. The finished cover adds a touch of elegance, whether you are covering a room full of chairs for a special occasion or just a chair. Place the foldable lounge chairs on a piece of cardboard and trace around the back, beginning and ending just above the seat. Draw another line in the carton of an inch away from the first. Cut along this line to make a pattern. Cut two pieces of fabric with pattern of cardboard. Place the fabric pieces on the board with their right sides together. Fabric pieces fuse together using 3/8 iron-fusible tape in web along the outer edges. Clip curves by cutting in half sewing margin of foldable lounge chairs. This will help prevent seam splitting. Press under 1/4 inch at the bottom, then press under 3/8 inch. Melt the web edge with thermal tape. Turn the cover right side out. Make a loop with wide satin ribbon in a color that complements your fabric. Place a small safety pin through one side of the knot and pin the bow deck. (Optional)

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