Exclusive Ideas Teak Patio Furniture

Feb 3rd

A classic in our garden: teak patio furniture. An accepted solution for small and large green spaces as well as balconies and terraces. But we know this material, its characteristics and care?

teak patio furniture

Teak patio furniture is a tropical hardwood that, when new, has a golden / honey brown color. Over time, as they are exposed to elements, natural teak gradually changes color from honey brown to silvery gray patina that distinguishes aged teak outdoor correctly. After a while, this patina deteriorates to acquire a dark greenish gray appearance, if wood is not

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Teak patio furniture resists rot and extreme humidity, thanks to its own natural oils and resins. In teak furniture is exposed to weather small cracks or fissures as a result of temperature changes, which have no negative effect on quality or durability of furniture and considered as normal in process may occur timber adapting to environment in which they are.

If we find furniture that has already turned to dark gray, and we want to restore nature silver color, we use a teak cleaner to clean and restore wood. Then apply restorer patina to preserve color. If you prefer color of new teak, use Teak Cleaner first to restore color and apply Teak Protector to preserve it.

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Teak Patio Furniture Ideas

Both teak patio furniture and eucalyptus provide excellent wood for furniture. Although they have some similarities, these two woods are different in appearance, cost and availability. Choosing either the mentioned factors or personal preferences on the appearance is reduced. The furniture is made ​​of teak patio furniture from that tree. The wood is dense, coarse texture and a lot of oil content. It has a strong aroma and is known to be resistant to weather conditions. Furthermore, teak repels termites naturally.

Many other woods are used to make furniture, but none of them can beat the reliability that has both teak patio furniture and eucalyptus. Each has its own benefits. The furniture eucalyptus are strong as oak; Also ages better than teak. However, teak is more water resistant, making it better for the furniture outside. The furniture of genuine teak is very expensive because it is one of the best natural woods and lasts a lifetime if maintained properly. The price increases in heavy pieces that have intricate designs carved. Meanwhile, furniture eucalyptus is cheaper than genuine teak, which makes them a better choice for those who cannot spend as much on teak patio furniture.

Teak Patio Furniture Design

Teak patio furniture is one of the most resistant outer timbers, due to its high content polemic also need some maintenance to prevent teak garden furniture turn gray and dry? There are many specialized market brands restore teak furniture that offer the complete package to restore our furniture. Apply primarily a renewal of teak. By an application with a brush, apply the renovating teak all over the furniture and let stand 24 hours, for the renewal penetrate the wood and can fulfill its function.

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With the help of a brush and plenty of water, remove the product placed above the garden teak patio furniture, rubbing until we see that the color becomes clearer and goes by removing the first layer of the piece. Rub all the furniture until we see reappear a redder and pure color below.

With the aid of sandpaper, will sandpaper entire surface of garden teak patio furniture, to recover a fine and smooth surface, and thus remove all rough. Then, especially with dry furniture, apply teak oil. Several types of applicators on the market. We opted to apply by spray. The end result is teak garden clean and well protected for entire season furniture.

How Sand and Clean Teak Patio Furniture

Teak patio furniture – Teak garden furniture is on patios everywhere. Over time, a well-maintained teak chair does not lose its appeal, but rather change colors, giving a different kind of attraction. Its original color can be maintained, but if you want. Keep it clean and maintained to extend its life and keep it beautiful.

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Work carefully when sanding teak patio furniture so you do not damage it. It’s not a good idea to use a power sander that could make the grinding process too rough. Holding a piece of carpentry sandpaper (fine quality, medium-fine grade); gently sand any areas that need attention. When the areas are sanded first appears to be smooth, stop grinding. Do not overdo it. Mix equal amounts of water and detergent. Thereafter, one part bleaches with three parts of the detergent and water mixture. Use the brush to clean the furniture with this solution. Again, be sure not to brush too difficult or too long in any area.

Buy teak cleaner if you like. This could be more effective than the home-made mixture, but would cost more. Teak cleaner can be found on a number of websites. Prices vary, so does some research before you buy. Teak cleaner are also available wherever teak patio furniture sold.