Cleaner for Homemade Wood Furniture

May 21st

Homemade wooden furniture – If you are looking for an alternative home to green cleaner’s commercial wood furniture, probably you will not have to go far beyond your pantry kitchen. Cleaners homemade wooden furniture contain ingredients you can find in most kitchens well stocked, even if you are not an essential ingredient, a trip to your local grocery store will remedy the problem. Cleaner’s homemade wooden furniture is easy to prepare and work great in any wood surface that needs cleaning.

Handcrafted Wood Furniture

Prepare a smoother and cleaner home furniture with vinegar and oil. Vinegar is mild but powerful cleaning dirt dragging homemade wooden furniture. The oil moisturizes and prevents the wood from drying out. Measures distilled white vinegar 1/4 cup increases and poured into an empty spray. Per 1/4 cup vinegar, add 3 or 4 drops of olive oil. Close the lid of the spray, stirring to combine the mixture of oil and vinegar, and you’re ready to begin cleaning your wood furniture.

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For a cleaner homemade wooden furniture citrus aroma, distilled white vinegar replaced by lemon juice. The clean acid lemon juice and vinegar and leaves a pleasant aroma. If you’re cleaning tinted dark wood furniture, you can use vinegar organic apple cider. This variety of vinegar is actually the best for cleaning; however, you may stain the wood parts with lighter finishes.