Treadmill Desks Improve the Health of Workers

Feb 23rd

Treadmill desks – desks equipped with treadmill walking are starting to become very popular in offices because they help employees who spend all day sitting to move more, burn some calories, and improve the health of workers.

Best Treadmill Desks

There is a growing body of scientific evidence about the benefits of spending less time sitting and move more during the day. As we know about treadmill desks. A study presented last month at the annual meeting 2017 of the American Sports Medicine College in San Diego, found that workers who used to be sedentary and began to walk slowly on the tables with treadmill for a period of two hours each workday for two months significantly improved their blood pressure and slept better during the night.

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As interesting as the tables with treadmill are for those who want to improve health, they need to be well integrated into the workspace, which means that we still need to know if they do not adversely affect the productivity of workers, treadmill desks design. Amazingly, little research has examined whether the tables with mat affect the ability to perform the tasks during working hours. A new study points out some concerns about the effects of walking on the desktop, suggesting that there may be negative consequences in use of tables with treadmill, if you need to enter or your work is very intellectual.

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