The Height of Your Desk Risers

Apr 15th

Desk risers – An incorrect table height can result in an uncomfortable workplace, less productivity – and even injury. You can easily make a desk that is too short a little longer by reducing its height by an adjustable office chair. Discover the right height for desktop tweaking the chair so the desk surface is almost even with his elbows while sitting in an upright position with your feet resting on the floor.

Standard Desk Risers

When you want to quickly increase the height of your desk risers without making any permanent changes, push small furniture risers in each leg. Desk risers are usually made of wood or durable plastic and are available with recesses to fit all sizes of bone. Many furniture riser stacks together with a locking mechanism, which normally makes it possible to increase the height of the desktop in step 1 or 2-inch. Refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations on how many risers you can safely stack during each desktop bones.

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If you want to make a permanent change to increase the height of your desk risers, replacing the existing bone replacement. Start by removing any bones from the desktop and install height adjustable furniture leg. Adjustable legs have a mounting plate that you securely fastened to the underside of the table with screws and a screwdriver.