Steelcase Desk for Workers

Mar 18th

Steelcase desk – steelcase launches Ology, a table designed to preserve the health of workers. The crisis has meant that more and more people come to their jobs even if they are sick (up to 72% of workers according to a recent study by the University of Lancaster and Elise Insurance. If hands of workers contact 10 million bacteria per day and 80% of infections may be transmitted through contact, work environments become the main breeding ground for disease. in addition, the spread of the same will be accentuated considering that for 2017 is expected to 37.2% of workers worldwide are mobile, i.e., they will not have assigned jobs.

Best Steelcase Desk
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In this context, As we know about steelcase desk. Reducing germs becomes an extreme necessity, as one of the largest stores of germs found in jobs where debris that accumulates in the tables is a perfect place for bacteria growth environment and fungi.

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Based on research on the changing nature of work, Steelcase, consultant workspaces, has spent exploring the use of antimicrobials in furniture as an option for those organizations wishing to take additional measures to reduce germs in the workspace. To do this, Steelcase has created Ology, steelcase desk design, a new table system that provides components with antimicrobial finishes in greater contact surfaces, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms and prevents the spread of bacteria harmful to health.

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