Install Strip of LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Mar 28th

The lighting beneath the cabinets in the kitchen is an inexpensive way to provide extra light for your counter top. It also creates a nocturnal atmosphere cozy around the style of cooking. One type of lights you can add is LED strips. These are seen as long light bars, but each of which is connected with each other and are easily mounted LED under cabinet lighting. The most important part of the installation process is the planning of lighting design.

LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Look carefully around the walls of your kitchen and identifies all electrical outlets available. If you only have one, then start your installation there; but if you have several, decides which of them want to use for LED under cabinet lighting. Stretch the cable adapter until it reaches the location where you want to install the first strip of LED lights, and then plug the cable end into the output of the strips of lights.

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Walks towards one end of LED under cabinet lights and places a transparent crochet mount beneath the front edge to about 5 to 7.6 cm from the front. The flat part of the back of the hook should face the cabinet and the two sides hanging down, should allow mounting the light bar.

Cool Ideas Led Under Cabinet Lighting

Create your own led under cabinet lighting for kitchen tasks and highlight your counter space with LED strips that are easy to install. Strips are hidden under front edge of cabinets so that warm light seems to float on surface in a measured angle to give a professional look. LED lights are cool to touch so there is no danger of causing heat spots or burnt fingers.


Decide where led under cabinet lighting should be installed by placing it in different areas of bottom of cabinet and connect to see how light will fall. Measure and mark your place. If you need more light, extension kits can be purchased to align strips end to end. Mark places where screws should be placed to mount his strip and drill your holes. Mount strip with screwdriver.

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Make a small hole in bottom of cabinet near wall for wire. Run cable inside cabinet so it is hidden from view. Drill another small hole near exit to be used to connect power supply. Run wire and hold it firmly in place. Connect one end of adapter to your led under cabinet lighting, and then connect power supply.

Install to Cork Floor in Bathroom

Cork floor in bathroom is an environmentally friendly way to add beauty to your home. When you start planning your next remodeling bathroom, consider cork floor. It will be a lovely addition to your home and is easy to install. Learn the basic installation of cork floor before starting. Measures the bathroom where you plan to install your cork floor. To do this, measure the length of the room and multiply by the width of the room. This will give you the square footage.

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To leave room for errors in the installation, an additional 10% added to your square footage. Once you know the square footage, you’re ready to buy cork flooring. Put the cork floor in bathroom at least a week before you plan to install. Doing this will allow the soil to acclimate to the room.

To prepare for the installation of cork floor in bathroom, carefully sweep and clean the area. Remove baseboards and toilet room. Make sure the ground is level and smooth by sanding if necessary. Because you are installing the floor in a bathroom, it is also a good idea to test moisture. Stretch plastic floor and wait 24 hours. If moisture is present, you might want to put a dehumidifier and aerate the soil before installation.