Identifying Queen Anne Furniture

Feb 27th

Furniture type was a Queen Anne style that was popular in the eighteenth century, named after the English monarch of 1702 to 1714. The changes in the style of life during that period were reflected in the lifestyle changes furniture. As people traveled more, the needs of the furniture changed to make it easier to transport. Queen Anne furniture is some key features listed below. Consider the type of wood used. Heavy oak wood was used less and less, which made room for lighter woods such as walnut, cherry and maple.

New Queen Anne Furniture

Those seeking lighter parts. This is due to the extensive travel at that time. People traveled across oceans and furniture was needed to be more easily moved and lighter load for ships. He had less mass and less volume in the Queen Anne furniture style pieces. The furniture looked more elegant and feminine. Look at the simple lines. There was too much decoration.

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Search the cabriole legs. This type of legs is curved outward knees and ankles bent. Based seem feet and can be simple or Dutch, drake or Spanish style. Again, this follows the pattern of popular curvilinear shape that time. This is a drastic change in style of Pre-Queen Anne furniture, which was a straight, thick and round furniture leg.

Steps to Buy Queen Anne Furniture

Queen Anne furniture is a refined version of William and Mary style characterized carved cockle or scallop shell. Queen Anne furniture is usually sold in antique shops. When considering a purchase, it is essential to distinguish between authentic Queen Anne period pieces and replicas. Differentiate between Queen Anne furniture goods and furniture made in the Queen Anne style. The replicas have been made since the 1800s and can be old enough to be antiques themselves, although they are not authentic pieces of Queen Anne.

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Auction websites like eBay Scour. Begin your search by typing “Queen Anne furniture” in the search box. There are probably many pieces for sale including ottomans, tables, chairs and the like. Attend garage sales and yard sales for old house or farm. These often include antiques and other older pieces at a great discount, and Queen Anne pieces can be among the items for sale. The sales prices of goods tend to be particularly low if someone is liquidating the estate of a relative.

Look for antique stores in your area through the phone book or online. Determine if the piece is authentic. Experts can look old wood type, saw marks, type of carpentry, hidden pieces on Queen Anne furniture, style, sizes and finishes to establish authenticity.

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