How to Reface Cabinets for Kitchen

Feb 19th

Reface cabinets – Whether of harvest gold, avocado, purple or green mulberry vinegar, sooner or later, all color trends are continuing. And if you’re buying an older home, your kitchen can have an outdated color. But before hiring a contractor, running to the store to home or start cabinets, consider a simple refinishing work. Update your kitchen cabinets may be all you need to transform your kitchen from date of dazzling. You must carefully measure all surfaces and determine the dimensions of the cabinet before purchasing any material to reface cabinets. Ask all cabinets and materials based on the measurements. Remove all drawer fronts, doors and hardware using a screwdriver.

Excellent Reface Cabinets
Excellent Reface Cabinets
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Lightly sand all remaining areas of the cabinet, including the box and cabinet panel’s ends. Clean all surfaces with a tack cloth, soapy water and kitchen degreaser to remove dirt and grease that accumulates on the surfaces of the kitchen cooking. Place a plywood panels to the end panels of the cabinet boxes using wood glue and finishing nails. If you measured correctly, you will not have to trim excess paneling around the edges of the box. Apply self-adhesive, sensitive to the sides of the box pressure plate. To do this, cut the larger sheet to the surface of the cabinet, remove the paper backing and press the sheet to the surface of the cabinets.

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Using a knife and a ruler, cut the sheet so that it is flush with the sides of the cabinet. Reconnect the hardware screwing into the holes of existing cabinet. If you are using a new hardware, cover the holes with wood filler and drill new holes for the mounting hardware. drill new holes in the hinge and then screw the cabinet hinges on them. Do not put the hinges in the holes of old hinges, as it may pull loose veneer cabinet liners. New screw, cabinet doors repainted or resurfaced in the hinges. Finally you know about step to reface cabinets.