Beautiful Patio Wicker Furniture

Mar 13th

Patio Wicker Furniture – Today some ideas to choose decoration patio wicker furniture in beautiful fiber, which help to give a special color, I propose our spaces. Now that it’s summer, you may have idea to decorate any room or perhaps terrace. I suggest this material to create a different atmosphere and full of texture. You can also customize these wickers, painting them with colors you like best. Undeniable rustic character of patio wicker furniture makes our environments are transformed into very special and scenic spots. Add color, texture and nature to your spaces wicker also belong in bathroom. This place, as I traveled throughout day, we keep it tidy and well beautiful.

Beauty patio wicker furniture

For patio wicker furniture, Choose cheerful colors for seasons warmer and darker for cold months … but of course, this is not a rule choose colors that you like! I decided to put a beautiful wicker chair, which was a bit old and has been painted. chosen color is green apple and also add some yellow spots. Put like that, without seeing it does not look great … or maybe a slightly odd design, but it has become most charming. As this seat, you can paint other wicker furniture like lamps, baskets striped or antique tables.

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Great Patio Wicker Furniture

Patio Wicker Furniture – To begin you will see some features and differences of these two materials so that you clear some concepts before choosing the most suitable parts. To prepare baskets and furniture generally tend branches and stems of the plant used. Instead rattan or rattan is a vine native palm from tropical regions such as Africa, Asia and Australasia often reach a very long plant. It has much more thin stems but very hard time, and the development of products must be performed while rattan is still wet because then it is much more flexible and easy to mold.

Both materials are knotted and braided to form the pieces even when dry patio wicker furniture are somewhat more flexible and lighter than rattan, besides having the possibility of being painted more easily. Conversely, rattan is more resistant and resilient to adverse conditions. It is for this reason that many experts choose to produce furniture from a mixture of these two materials.

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Two substances used to make patio wicker furniture outdoors are actual wicker and resin wicker. Real wicker is made of threads woven rattan or bamboo, says the site of outdoor furniture. These materials do not hold moisture well or time and can become unglued, unraveling, peeled or flaked if left out in the elements. Wicker resin is made of woven strips resin resist weather, insects and putrefaction. Dye colors can be added to the basic resin material available to the furniture in popular shades. Clean wicker furniture resin with soap and water.

Repaint Patio Wicker Furniture

The wicker chairs and tables accentuate and enhance any patio. The material is ideal for the outdoors, but eventually paint patio wicker furniture is peeling and flaking. You can repaint to revive. Scrapes paint as much as possible with a soft brush wire or bronze. If the paint is very peeling, gently scrape the paint with a flat screwdriver. Be careful not to damage the wicker. Place an old cloth to protect the area. Put the wooden furniture on the web. If you paint outside, catch the fabric with stones at each corner to make it stay in place.

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Put on latex gloves, breathing mask and goggles. Twist the cabinet and applies the oily base with an air spray paint tablet or a natural bristle brush. Place your back furniture and apply the base again. Let the patio wicker furniture dry completely. Add a layer on each side and let it dry. Apply a light coat of semi gloss paint for homes with a spray air compressed or with a natural bristle brush underneath the cabinet. Give back and applies the paint. Allow the patio wicker furniture to dry completely before adding more layers on each side. Let the wicker furniture to dry for one week before use.