Ammo Storage Cabinet Idea

Mar 24th

Ammo Storage Cabinet  –  Ammo storage cabinet  Many states have passed laws requiring gun owners to keep their firearms securely locked when not in use. Dedicated gun safes are expensive and are too heavy for many interior floors. Creating a weapons storage area of ​​fire insurance is a simple and inexpensive project. You should take less than one hour of work for a do-it-yourselfer competent. Any replacement hardware will be needed, and with a little patience and suitable shopping cabinets can be found.

Steel Ammo Storage Cabinet

Level of Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

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Things You Need

High strength, two-door locks ammo storage cabinet bracket high strength steel bolts with smooth / head matching NUTS2 resistant locks to match the key or combinationElectric drill bit set (optional) Drywall (optional) Plaster cutter (optional ) Measuring tape (optional) Dismantled wine racks (optional) All purpose glue (optional) Safety of woodworking coveringSteel Vinyl sheet, heavy duty

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Steel Storage Cabinet

Get a heavy duty, vertical steel supply cabinet with two doors that provide ample storage for your weapons. Expansion plan, if you think you can get more weapons in the future. Remove the two lower shelves if you are storing guns. If single fire protection, glue drywall on the inside walls is desired. Remove a wine rack and mount the hand holding the neck of the bottles in the back inside wall of the cabinet at the right height to hold long guns upright. Paint the ammo storage cabinet, or covered with wallpaper or vinyl sheet if desired.  Drill holes in the front doors on two feet away from the bottom of the cabinet and two feet from the top. Use bolts and nuts to secure door locks, ensuring that the soft top of the screw is out of the cabinet. Put a lock on each closing and securing the doors.

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Ammo Storage Cabinets in the Home

Ammo storage cabinets – store weapons must be the right place because if you can not harm children. you must secure weapons and bullets were used because bullets can explode when dropped to the floor and is very harmful to children. using cabinets to store weapons, maybe it is a very good idea because it is more secure.

use a bag or backpack to store weapons such as a pistol or the like is a good idea if you are a soldier and wants to go to war. As we know about ammo storage cabinets ideas. But if you are an ordinary person and has a lot of weapons that you need is a secure gun safe, because if it can not be misused by the wrong people.

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as we all know a safe place to store weapons is in the vault and locked tight, or that only you know. Storing weapons in a safe place that is important or in ammo storage cabinets, prioritizing security properties nice and tight and not to create things that are not in want.