Herman Melville's Moby Dick -- considered by some to be the best and greatest and most perfect book ever written -- is the latest beneficiary of those reverent & illuminating penmen, the Two Fine Chaps. We've troll'd the vast diluvial chapters of that brilliant book and are quite pleased to announce that we've finally hit our mark. Here, then, friends, is our The Chase, or The Third Day, an illustrated excerpt from the final chapter of Moby Dick.
Presented as a striking accordion-fold book, our latest publication unfolds to reveal both Melville's text (finely printed) as well as a twenty-inch long pen & ink illustration. Each page of the text features a small cut-out window that reveals the other side of the book. Indeed, so difficult is it to explain the delightfully cunning mechanics of this volume, that the only adequate explanation will come when you yourself can hold & manipulate its lush papers.

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