A young boy sings to himself,
as he does every day, at the edge
of a dark and magical forest. But
hark! what is that strange sound that
lulls our boy into the glen, where fairies
rule? See for yourself the twisted cunning
of the bird queen, read of a boy's innocence
lost, and of a magical gift squandered! This tale
of wonder and treachery literally unfolds in the
reader's hands, revealing a most cunning little
tableau cut from paper & assembled by hand at
the Two Fine Chaps' Workshop of Wonders.
Unlike anything else you've ever seen, this pop-
up diorama is also a treat for the mind, featuring
as it does a 14-page fable, a book-within-a-book!
Written, drawn and crafted in an edition of 30 copies.
Lay claim to yours while you have the chance!
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Behold! A man travels the
countryside selling glimpses
through a mysterious pair of
brass glasses. An old woman
with a dangerous secret seeks
her revenge. Women faint and
men sit idly stunned by visions
more magnificent than they could ever
have imagined. What fate befalls those
who would callously pawn a thing of beauty
and wonder? This first volume of our trilogy
of pop-up vignettes features an original fable
as well as the intricate & fanciful 3-D illustration
that you see to your left. A Spectacular Vision is
written, drawn, and printed by the Two Fine Chaps.
Published in an edition of 30 books. So waste not a
trice more in hesitant thought!
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Peer in on the lonesome old
clockmaker as he tinkers in
the night. What unheard-of
wonders does he create in the
dark of his little shop? Hark!
What fate will befall the sentimental
craftsman, enamored with his creation?
The Clockmaker's Joy is a timeless
tale of what longing accompanies the
creative spark. This handsome volume
marks the second part of a triad of
cautionary fables penned and printed by
the Two Fine Chaps. But what sets this
morality tale apart is its singularly dynamic three-
dimensional vignette, ingeniously designed and met-
iculously constructed by thoughtful, dexterous hands.
For more information on this exceedingly rare and precious book, we refer you excitedly to our Wares page.

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